A wood or gas fire pit from Nick’s Fireplace Outfitters can be the perfect focal point and conversation piece for your outdoor entertaining area, stimulating warmth and conversation.

From the classical stylings of a copper fire pit to the fashionably elegant statement of a fire table and more, we have a great selection to choose from. Our in-house experts will help you choose the fire pit that’s right for you!

Solo Stove fire pits

We now offer Solo Stove fire pits

Solo Stoves are powered by logs and offer all the benefits of a wood-burning fire without the smoke or the campfire smell sticking to your clothes. These amazing fire pits allow you to start a fire quickly while the double wall design creates a burst of hot air over the fire reducing the smoke without the use of batteries and fans.

By design, Solo Stoves burn wood so efficiently you’ll only be left with ultra-fine ash making clean up as simple as dumping out the spent ash.

Fire pits – classic and clean

Fire pits offer all the charm and warmth of a traditional wood fire, but in an attractive setting designed to maximize the heat of the fire, and it keeps all the ashes in one place for easy clean up.

Rustic copper fire pits

A copper fire pit radiates intense heat from a beautiful copper bowl and it is built to last. As a freestanding pit, it is easy to relocate, and the copper will age for a natural verdigris effect, making your pit one of a kind. Or if you prefer the outdoorsy look of a stone fire pit, we can help you out there, too!

Fire Pit Table

Fire tables – fashionable and functional

A fire table is a fashion-forward way to warm you and your guests on a cool night. A fire table offers not just the comfort of a fire and the delight of dancing flames in a clean, modern design, it is a natural magnet for conversation. As a table, they have a place for you to set down your beverage and come in different heights so you can stand or sit as you talk with your friends

Celebrate in style and warmth outside your home with a wood or gas fire pit or table from Nick’s Fireplace Outfitters.

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We fire pits and fire tables from these fine manufacturers: