Gas Fireplaces

Nick’s Fireplace Outfitters can heat your home with style, safety, and convenience with our great selection of gas fireplaces that burn clean, easy, and efficient.

Why choose gas fireplaces?

Gas fireplaces are comparatively easier to use than solid fuel and use natural gas or propane to safely and cleanly heat your home. Some of their key features are:

The artistic designs lend a sophisticated touch to your house.

They are hassle free and don’t require much maintenance.

Don’t spend time gathering wood or building a fire, you get the comfort of a fireplace with just a click! Just switch it on and relax.

All our models are highly efficient, so less smoke and pollution for the environment.

No worries about cleaning, these fireplaces don’t leave any ash.

Gas Fireplace

Many styles to choose from

Fireplace Outfitters carries a wide variety of options ranging from American Hearth Fireplaces to Town and Country Fireplaces to Napoleon Fireplaces and many more. No matter what your style,we can find the look that’s right for you!

If easy and efficient gas fireplaces are what you are looking for, then look no further. The best choices for you are just a click away.

Come by the store in Pocatello to see our great selection or call 208.232.2240.

We carry wood inserts from these fine manufacturers in our Pocatello store: