Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are a wonderful way to heat your home when Old Man Winter is knocking at your door.

Can you imagine your home without a fireplace in the middle of a winter evening? Definitely not.

The need for a fireplace when the cool season starts to invade can never be discounted. It warms our cold souls and having one can also add an aesthetic appeal to our homes.

Traditionally, real chopped woods are used as fuel to fire up a fireplace. However, gas can be a great alternative!

Great things about using gas stoves for fireplaces

Here are some reasons why homeowners choose a gas burning appliance over other alternatives for their fireplaces.


Gas stoves can be used easily by just flipping a switch, compared to using firewood that requires a lot of your effort in order for it to keep on burning.


Gas ignites right away and burns completely, plus it provides a much greater heat output, making it more energy efficient.

Variety of Choices

Nick’s Fireplace Outfitters offers a wide array of designs and styles, giving you more options for enhancing beauty and adding value to your home.

With all of these benefits, it is easy to see that using gas stoves for fireplaces can be much better than other alternatives. For all of your fireplace needs, Nick’s Fireplace Outfitters can definitely help you out.

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