Gas fireplace cleaning

and maintenance

Our gas fireplace cleaning and maintenance pros will keep your gas fireplace clean and operating like new for years to come. Our Pocatello store offers gas fireplace cleaning for many different kinds of fireplaces, natural gas or propane, and as well as maintenance on all gas fireplaces.

At Nick’s Fireplace Outfitters, we pride ourselves in offering the finest selection and the best in-store service in selecting the right fireplace for your southeastern Idaho home. We are also proud to offer the best cleaning and gas fireplace maintenance in the area, so you can keep your family warm and protect your investment.

It doesn’t even matter if you purchased it from us, we will be happy to keep your hearth clean and running smoothly.

The fireplace experts at Nick’s Fireplace Outfitters in Pocatello can help you choose the perfect fireplace for your home, but what about taking care of it? We’ve got you covered there, too!

Chimney Cleaning

For chimney cleaning services, we recommend Levi King at Advantage Chimney Services.
Give him a call at 208-529-9026.